You that moment when everything you’ve kept covered up for the past six months has to come out on show? Well, my little break to Spain uncovered a multitude of sins, as it does every year when I transition from sweaters to bikinis. But, while I was bemoaning the fact that nothing is as toned as it used to be and that when I first got into my bikini I was so white I looked Tippexed, the one thing I did notice was that my shins weren’t flaky. I posted a while ago that I’d given up on body lotions for a while and nothing bad had happened – well, nothing bad did happen, but the old scaly shins were still there – and now they aren’t. There is nil shed from them at all, and it’s a place where if you don’t exfoliate and moisturise regularly it really shows.

The good folks at Imedeen said this is where I might notice it first, and true to their words, it has. It is proof to me that it’s all going in the right direction with the trial and to be honest, if I see nothing else, I’d be quite happy with this result (although I’d hope for more).

If they could develop a tablet to tone your tummy though.. I’d buy it buy the tonne!

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