Wow.. I can’t believe that three months have passed since I first started taking Imedeen. I had my final scan result today and my collagen is up from a level of 37 to 53 measured on density.. an increase of 43%.

Here’s the picture of my first skin scan:

Imedeen First Scan
Imedeen First Scan

Although it’s quite hard to see, if you look in the blue area, the slightly darker reddish bits are collagen. Now, here’s my three month scan:

Imedeen Second Scan
Imedeen Second Scan

There is clearly a lot more collagen.

If I think about what the external results have brought, I definitely have softer skin, it’s less prone to dryness and I have zero flaking on my legs and anywhere else. I’m not taking my face into account because I use all kinds of new products on my face and don’t think that I can without-doubt say what Imedeen has done there, but several people have commented that my skin is looking good.

Overall, I’m more than happy with this trial – it’s been hard to stick with the programme but more than worthwhile – I’m going to keep on taking it to see if I can get even more improvements, but I would have to recommend Imedeen wholeheartedly because I’ve seen the results on my own skin. You will need to be patient with it – results don’t start to show til about the eight week mark and then they are slight, with slight increases on-going adding up to more. As an addition to the anti-ageing battle, it’s proved itself to be a warrior!

I should also add in that it’s always a bit nerve-wracking doing a sponsored programme like this one – Imedeen have known from the start that I’d be posting whatever the results were, good or bad, regardless of sponsorship. So, while I thought it might do something, the results have exceeded my expectations (and theirs I suspect!). Which, between you and me is something of a relief.

You can find Imedeen HERE. (and I’ve just noticed it’s on a 3 for 2!)



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