Surveys and analytics available all over the internet will tell you over and over again that women over 50 spend more on make up than any other age group. We are ‘Gen X’ in marketing terms and quietly getting on with enjoying our beauty while Millennials are in a whole world of Instagram fantasy induced pain. We like Facebook and Twitter far more than Snapchat and Instagram and are more likely to have a disposable income to spend on products.

The beauty industry is hysterical over Millennials; frustrating for Gen X as the retail environment is increasingly built for the generation behind us. It’s an everyday assumption that women like me spend desperate hours in the search to look younger, will throw any money at a ‘cure’ for ageing skin and only have the menopause to look forward to. The concept of 50+ beauty bloggers or social content creators causes all kinds of confusion, apparently. Case in point is the assumption by the hosting brand at a dinner that I was the mother of the young blogger I was sitting next to.

So, a) if you’re inviting bloggers that are young enough need their mum as a chaperone you probably shouldn’t be offering them wine, b) if you make an assumption about age you are also revealing your misconceptions about what constitutes beauty and c) you are dismissing and diminishing the market that is most likely to be able to afford your products.

The relatively few older content creators that exist are the ones making the landscape change on-line. We don’t want to be like Kim, we want to be like us, and we want you to be like you. We’re not afraid, in the way that the beauty industry would like us to be, of lines or imperfections, a strand of grey hair here and there or a tummy that’s less than taut, and nor are we afraid of blue lipstick, leather jackets and a micro bladed brow. Today’s 50+ content creators are the front line of our generation leading the way in how not to feel apologetic and undermined by age.

I’m not being her mum, nor her agent, nor her chaperone. I’m just being me, representing you, a generation brought up to feel diminished and reduced by smile lines. Beauty is not one thing, it is an abundance of things, and we need to claim it and own it and most importantly, enjoy it.

*Generally speaking, Gen X is anyone born between 1960 and 1979, a Millennial is someone born between 1984 and 2002, while a Baby Boomer is someone with a birth date falling between 1940-something and 1964 (roughly).  Gen Z is anyone born between 1995 and 2012.

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