I’ve been debating (with myself so that’s possibly not a true debate!) whether to post about the Illamasqua Nail Quills because I just cannot decide if they are amazing or awful. I’m truly stuck in the middle. I’ve searched as much as I can for any sign of nail quills in beauty history and haven’t turned anything up, nor did I discover anything much in theatrical background, so if they are a truly new innovation then pointy thumbs up for creating a very individual beauty item that is certainly striking. On the other hand though, I find them a little ‘dominatrix’ for my liking and I wonder exactly how sharp they are and whether on the wrong thumbs they could become almost a weapon – maybe no more so than naturally long and strong nails. Unfortunately, I also don’t know what they are made from – there’s no clue in the YouTube video or online. And at £35 a pair, I don’t know how long they’d last. That said, it is a very specific, different look which will massively appeal to some – if I had a pair, I’d probably wear them.

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