Ok, so things have moved on a very, very great deal concerning the empasse between blogs and magazines. In fact, on the whole, things are positively friendly. We do what we’re good at, and they do what they’re good at. It’s undeniable that beauty blogs have – by sheer determination – carved a groove for themselves in the world of media, becoming a new way to read about beauty. It’s something I feel very proud of – to be part of a movement that has literally changed the way women (and men) read about, learn from and react to the world of beauty. But, it seems that not everyone is prepared to live and let live.

Illamasqua – you know that amazing beauty brand that has been SO supported by blogs from conception to present day – have decided to go down the magazine exclusive route, with a well known Sunday supplement that’s known to insist on exclusives. It’s not the first time, either, that Illamasqua have chosen the paper route, to announce a new collection. I’ve had to learn to share so called exclusives – and have come to several happy compromises where press and on-line print on the same day – when ideally what I want for BBB readers is first access to brands. But, I don’t see any sense in being at loggerheads with magazines. It’s a different thing. But, my goodness, I have had to fight tooth and nail in some cases to ensure coverage of a brand that’s nervous of upsetting print press. Since the advent of blogs, some brands have just thrown their hands in the air and said no exclusives to anyone. Which (much as I want an exclusive) does seem the fair route. Throwing your toys out of your pram and insisting (as one magazine did) that unless they have an exclusive they’ll never feature the brand at all puts everyone in an awkward position, from the PR through to the advertisers.

But, I feel particularly sore about Illamasqua because it truly is a brand that has been carried by bloggers particularly right at the beginning. I feel that not to remember your roots is arrogant to say the least, not to reward the bloggers (and I’m not just talking about BBB here by any means) who’ve helped you achieve the mass appeal (and put their money where their mouths are and bought into the brand) and to take the short-term gain is a bitter pill to swallow. So, see my toys being flung from my pram right now…I’m in no mood to feature Illamasqua again. In my view it just doesn’t seem right somehow to pick and choose where, when and how bloggers help to promote your brand. You can be sure that when the collection is no longer embargoed, they’ll head straight for the blogs. I don’t like to feel we are second best or part of a manipulated media strategy. So, I’m not playing.

Which I guess won’t move them one tiny bit, except when Sunday’s supplement hits the recycle box on Monday morning maybe. Blogs posts are there for ever.

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