Buckets of Liquid Metal Solistice, piles of Powdered Metals (normally used on the body but this time for contouring on the face) and a mountain of Pure Pigment in Static from the Dystopia range form the basis of Alex Box’s Illamasqua look for the House of Blue Eyes fashion show. Stylist, Johnny Blue Eyes – yes, he’s got blue eyes, and is blessed with the longest, sweeping lashes ever that he mascaras up and goes wild with the guyliner – has worked with The Gossip, Take That and Bens Brother to name but a few. His show is inspired by ancient Egypt, but morphs into a futuristic androgeny where gender is irrelevant. Alex’s take on his ideal was to create metallic individuality, regardless of sex or race. If you followed Britain’s Next Top Model, then you’ll easily spot Jade and winner, Mecia. I got stupidly excited about seeing Jade who was absolutely lovely but didn’t get to chat with Mecia. When I asked Johnny (check out the shoes!) who, to him, was the most beautiful woman he could think of, he opted for Ana Matronic. The whole backstage scene was organised chaos, with the air literally thick with hairspray (hair was done by Mahogany) and micro sparkles from the make up….which is why you should never put a hair dryer near loose pigment!

The Shoes of Johnny Blue Eyes

Guyliner…and then some..



Oh, beautiful curls!

Recognise Halima from the Selfridges Illamasqua counter?


Big, Big hair..

Jade pre Alex..

Alex on the home run with the first completed model.

Should also give big thanks to Casio who lent me an amazing little slimline number, when my camera broke a couple of days ago. Handily, and I’ve been snapping away, it has a ‘make-up mode’ which means basically you look beautifully airbushed with whiter eyes and teeth. Result every time! It’s the Casio EX-S12 and frankly, all cameras should come with auto-airbrush. So much kinder when you’re not actually a model.

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