Find Me On YouTube
Find Me On YouTube

I can safely say that I didn’t know this morning when I got up that by the end of the afternoon I would have done my first vlog. I’ve been putting it off for so long and kept thinking of it as a thing for ‘the future’…. but it just kind of happened.

And, I have to say, I salute all vloggers – it is not an easy thing. It’s the strangest thing having kept my face (bar one picture) off this blog for five years to suddenly pop up on YT. So, it’s very weird to on the one hand want people to see it and on the other hand hope that nobody looks!

One of my words of advice to new bloggers is to jump without looking, so I took my own advice on this occasion! I’m happy in front of a camera having done a little TV work and some ads but without the benefit of a professional camera crew, amazing lighting and editing (I have no clue how to edit and I’m not even going to try at this stage) it’s really quite a daunting prospect.

But, it’s done.. and its like starting all over again on Twitter or blogging.. I know I am lucky enough to have lots of followers on both channels but actually feel really comfortable with having only a few on YT so far.. it’s not really about garnering views or subscribers or whatever.. it’s more an extension of what I’m already doing (going to vlog some of my much loved collectable Chanel and Dior palettes next I think) and putting into words what is sometimes difficult to write.

So, there we have it.. if you’d like to subscribe and say hi, I’m welcoming you with open arms (and a grateful face)!! My channel (ooh, that sounds odd) is HERE. Or, click the side-bar link.

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