I can’t work out if the rumours that Brazilian waxes are completely over because of the economy are exactly that – rumours, or whether it is really true that things are getting decidedly bushier out there as women divert their resources elsewhere. I kind of hope that having your hair down there ripped out in an excruciatingly painful treatment is done with. Apparantly, though, to stay on trend you cannot even contemplate growing a wafting Brian Blessed’s beard style; we are not going back to the ’70s – it still needs to be trimmed and tidy. But trim and neat is infinitely cheaper and much more do-able at home than your own Brazilian. I also read somewhere that sales of down below dye are at a peak and that middle America favours pink! So, somebody’s not matching their collars and cuffs….I hope! But, a warning tale: grooming tools are all well and good but I once accidentally gave myself go faster stripes with a Remmington Trimmer, not having realised that you need to set the blades to a certain level; not just swathe straight through.

Is trim the new tidy or are you still welded to whipping it away?

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