Hyalmide SubQ

If you’re a regular reader of BBB, then you’ll know that I’m far less interested in skin care than make-up. I feel cynical about almost all of it and skin care – particularly anti-ageing – has to genuinely earn it’s place on this blog. Mostly, I can only test at a surface level – I only have one face! But, Hylamide SubQ is here, untested, because it’s from Deciem, who I have never known to bring out a product that doesn’t fulfil its claims.

So, we need to go back to 2012, when the founder of Deciem (Brandon), left his previous company and as is often the case, left with a non-compete arrangement, meaning any facial care for the Deciem brand would have to wait. I’ve known this brand since its inception so I know how much they’ve been wishing that non-compete away in order to bring out Hylamide. I’d also have to point out that as a brand, they have been hugely supportive of this blog – and in competitive times like this, I do feel blessed for that.

Hylamide SubQ

So, now I have to do the explaining on a product that claims results in 5 days! Here we go: Firstly, I’ll run through the active ingredients. Hylamide SubQ Serum contains Antarctic Mixed Algae, Skin Binding Glycoprotein, Skin Barrier Saccharide, Tamarind Hyaluronic, Hyaluronic Acid Pre-cursor, Very Low Molecular Hyaluronic, Hyaluronic Acid Cross Polymer and Fermentation Hyaluronic. As you know, Hyaluronic is my favourite ingredient of all time – imagine even having a favourite ingredient, but that’s beauty world for you! The issue that crops up with hyaluronic is that its molecules are too big to do anything other than sit on the skin and be an excellent moisturiser. Very Low Molecular Hyaluronic delivers hydration to deeper skin layers but not at subcutaneous levels. But, Hyaluronic Acid Cross Polymers, according to Deciem, can penetrate subcutaneously. Hyaluronic Pre-Cursor is a first ever technology that encourages skin to create its own hyaluronic. So, it’s clear we’re looking at something rather special here. However, what Hylamide SubQ also has is Matryxl Synthe 6 – a new version of Matryxl for collagen production, Nonapeptide-3 Retino Complex comprising 9 amino acids, and Copper Lynsinate/Prolinate – what that means is that adding amino acids to the copper peptide chain makes it more stable (and more affordable) and therefore more effective.

So, I hope I’ve explained this very complicated product in an easily digestible way. If I say that it was biked to me lastnight at 6.05pm, and was on my face by 6.06pm, you’ll understand that if there’s anything to be excited about in anti-ageing skin care, it’s Hyalmide SubQ. But please also note, that I’m excited about this because of past Deciem performance – for all I know this could be their first doozie – but somehow I doubt it. I will report back after I’ve used it for a little longer. And, they’ve used the word ‘sagginess’ which I dislike them a bit for – there are other ways to describe skin that isn’t as perky as it used to be. Saggy is just rude.

Hylamide SubQ launches into Boots on 14th April for £30 (start saving your Boots points) with a selection of Boosters to launch in June. There’s also a SubQ Eye Complex, which I’ll also be testing. As a non user of eye cream, I’m a good candidate for this as there is plenty to improve! Oh, and usage is twice a day – under your regular mosturiser.

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