I was shown a pair of human hair false eyelashes yesterday – the most beautiful, fluffy, sweeping false lashes I’ve ever seen. But, despite the assurances that the hair is ethically sourced (they are made from head hair – not other people’s actual lashes – hmm, the harvesting issues of that don’t bear thinking about!) I just can’t help wondering under what circumstances you’d ever want or need to sell your own hair to make lashes for other people? What ever way you look at it, those circumstances can’t be good. I’ve seen programmes and read features about how human hair is obtained and with the rarest exceptions, almost all come from countries where the poverty rate is high and selling hair is a desperate way to make money. There is something so tasteless and, well, just plain wrong, about wearing someone else’s hair to make your eyelashes look pretty. Worse yet, I suspect the demand for these will be high and seen as somehow superior to synthetic lashes. With amazing mascaras, the new breed of lash growers and high quality synthetic lashes, when would you ever need to go down this seedy real hair route? http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2006/jun/25/india.theobserver

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