Le Blanc De Chanel Skin Illuminator
Le Blanc De Chanel Skin Illuminator

I was tipped off about this product yesterday: it hasn’t been promoted by Chanel for a very long time (it came out pre-2008 but was reformulated in that year) and yet is still one of the most requested products by make-up artists to use on their models. Which tells me that it’s something special! I’ve given it a go and yes indeed, it does ‘uplight’ the skin. It’s designed to be worn under foundation and makes my skin feel very moisturised as well, but I think you’d already need to have completely flawless skin to wear it alone.

I like the idea of mixing it into whatever foundation I’m wearing. I would have to point out though that this is a product for the complexion obsessed. In reality I am never quite sure if I can really see the ‘glow’ from most of these luminosity chasers, but I can with Blanc de Chanel and for that reason it’s worth having in your make-up stash.

Looking around for a link, it seems to be £1 more in most of the department stores, at £31, but it’s £1 cheaper at Boots, HERE.

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