I’ve noticed that there has been a big upsurge of mail to my work in-box of PRs emailing me with pictures and descriptions of amazing parties they’ve held that I wasn’t invited to. Now, I seriously don’t mind not being invited, that’s not the issue, but asking me to write about the-party-I-didn’t-make-the-guest-list-for and add in some pictures of everyone else having a fun time…the answer has to be no. And that’s the polite term. It would be a little bit like me saying, ‘hey, I did a fab feature on amazing skincare – your product isn’t in it, but thought you’d like it anyway. Furthermore, not only did you miss a huge  feature, you can look at the amazing pictures of brands that did make it instead – in fact, why don’t you circulate them all round the office so everyone else can see as well.’ Ridick.

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