[unpaid/sample] You know what I really liked when I first came across Hello? Their tagline that says ‘Oral Care Just Got Minteresting’. I thought it was really clever and I love a bit of word play. But oh my, do they love their mint! If you like your tooth care on the hot side, Hello is going to bring you much happiness.

Hello Oral Care

Unicorn Sparkle (for kids) is right up my street in bubblegum flavour and I do not understand why adults can’t have it too! There is a strawberry flavour in the US which I’m hoping makes its way here at some point. The brand formulates without colourants, artificial sweeteners and SLS/Sulphates but does pack in some serious spicy freshness with their tea tree, coconut oil and fierce mint flavour. You can have without fluoride (with Natural Peppermint), with fluoride (Farm Grown Mint), or Activated Charcoal. They’ve all got a whitening element.

Hello Oral Care

Hello has also launched Goodbye Plaque, Hello Whitening Toothpaste Tablets in natural peppermint oh my – super minty! Actually, these aren’t quite the same as the Lush Toothy Tabs (were they called?) which were the most horrible things I’ve ever tasted (although others loved them), because you still need a brush and water to hand. You chew these until they form a paste, wet your brush and then get scrubbing. What you don’t really need with these is running water so they’re good for travel or camping or festivals – or just doing it differently because you can. And of course, it’s totally recyclable.

Hello feels so much more approachable than our high street tooth care brands – although I note that it was bought by Colgate-Palmolive a year or so ago. It seems that Colgate have let Hello get on with what they do and in the US and Canada the range is much bigger, incorporating hand wash and deodorant. Superdrug has the roll out – the tablets are £3.99 on half-price introductory offer and the same goes for the toothpastes which are HERE.


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