[unpaid/sample] Well, this could not be more up my street! The Hello Kitty Geske Sonic Facial Brush at Sally Beauty is a great example of the philosophy that beauty can be fun and effective. Actually, it made me think that the plug was pulled too soon on the Clarisonic and it had a way to go in terms of tie-ins and upgrades. You will need to be app and smart phone proficient to get the most out of this particular model and if you don’t know Geske (because I know you that you know Hello Kitty if you’ve ever visited this site before!) it’s a German beauty tech brand.

Geske x Hello Kitty SmartAppGuided Sonic Facial Brush 4 in 1

Once you’ve downloaded the app, it can suggest routines for you to follow, step by step – I’ve done this before on other apps and actually found that following the routines made me more likely to a) not skip any time and b) feel more motivated. I did the skin scan – actually I felt, given that I’m older, and given what they could have said, they were fairly kind about my skin indicating no eye bags, few fine lines and good skin texture.

Geske x Hello Kitty SmartAppGuided Sonic Facial Brush 4 in 1

As a cleansing method, using the sonic facial brush for 30 seconds a time, is efficient and more interesting that regular cleansing but you’ll only get any toning benefits if you follow the routines. In theory, sonic vibrations stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage which in turn can help with texture and pore refinement.

Hello Kitty

Here’s the app (look in the App Store for the Geske app) showing my ‘blemishes’ and they’re bang on about that massive stress spot on my chin :-). In the last picture you can see the kind of routines you and follow and how long they take – there are 23 sessions listed for the Hello Kitty SmartAppGuided Sonic Facial Brush 4 in 1.

I used Fenty Melt Away Jelly Oil on damp skin for testing and enjoyed the pulsing that really does feel that the device is getting down to business – there are, apparently, 7,500 ‘silicone touchpoints’ that I was going to call ‘fronds’ so I’m glad I looked that up! I think this device is for you if you like a proper routine to adhere to, if you like technology and if you like Hello Kitty. It’s not for you if you aren’t technically minded, spend too long on your phone already and don’t like Hello Kitty :-). It’s £34.95 at Sally Beauty HERE.

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