It’s very handy that Mr BBB had a work trip to New York this week as he was able to pick up a few of the brand new Hello Kitty range for Sephora. Apparantly, the SA could not have been more helpful faced with a bewildered British man asking for things about which he knew nothing! She found the right shade of eye liner (Sand Box – which reminds me horribly of ‘litter tray’ when combined with anything kittyish), had the Apple Balm out in a flash and the same with the nail polish. The Apple Balm pot is ridiculously cute with its little saucepan lid style topper with the pink balm inside smelling not of apples, but a generic sweetness. The Kitty shaped nail polish is just too pretty. Sephora have managed to make this range credible by ensuring the product inside is to a certain standard – I’d say it’s more for the child within than actually for children. There is a certain grown-up-ness about it, helped by the prices which certainly aren’t for a pocket money budget.

Hello Kitty Nail Art in Blueberry $10

 Apple Balm $9
Glitter Cute Eyeliner in Sandbox $14

I love the Sandbox shade of eyeliner – a chocolate brown with golden sparkles, but it does what most glitter products do and leaves you post make up removal with an obvious trace of glitter particles. Mr BBB thought he’d woken up next to Tinkerbell. However, it’s a great colour on my brown eyes and the sparkle lifts the shade beautifully. The Apple balm is a coral-pink with some frosting to it – pretty and discrete. 

NB: Blimey, BBB readers are the sharpest in the box. A very knowledgeable friend has just pointed out that the old Urban Decay XXX Shine pots are separated at birth from the new Hello Kitty Apple Balms: 


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