Heathcote & Ivory Dandelion Candle
Heathcote & Ivory Dandelion Clock Candle

The Dandelion Clock pattern by Sanderson is contemporary vintage completely summed up. It’s as relevant now as it was in the 1950s when it was first produced. Heathcote & Ivory has interpreted the vibrant pattern as a scent which turns out to be rather lovely – and not at all retro. So, you kind of get the best of both worlds with the candle – a new addition to the existing line.

Sanderson Dandelion
Sanderson Dandelion

Not only is it a joy to find a candle that doesn’t use plain, clear glass, and has actually put some kind of interior slant on the decoration, but the scent is perfect for spring. It’s a bit of a ‘they say’ but ‘I smell’ situation here because although tea is indicated as a key note, I cannot smell it at all. And as for the fresh watercress… I just wouldn’t be able to pick that out of a police line up never mind a candle! No clue what that might smell like. Instead, it’s a fresh and floral fragrance with the white flower and rose predominating in a lovely, delicate way. I can imagine burning this on a crisp and sunny spring day and it really enhancing the mood of that day.

I also love the fact that it comes in at under £20 (£18 to be exact) – no Jo Malone prices here. The Heathcote & Ivory Dandelion Clock Candle launches on 23rd Feb. It’s a shame this didn’t swing in for Valentine’s day – I’m sure that not everyone wants hearts on everything.



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