Hyaluronic Body Mist
Hyaluronic Body Mist

It’s slightly odd timing for the launch of Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Body Mist because misting is something we associate with summer, especially if you’ve just got out of a steamy, hot bath. BUT, if you’ve got adequate heating in your bathroom, this is the kind of product that we’ve been waiting for without knowing it.

It’s a non-aerosol continuous mist – cleverly done because it has all the feel and power of an aerosol – with three key ingredients; red marine algae, plant D glucose complex and low molecular hyaluronic. In terms of hydration, it’s like spraying your body with silk. Don’t think weighty moisture like a body cream or balm; Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Body Mist is entirely different. It’s like spraying with a serum-water hybrid. I’m fascinated with it and have sprayed my hands about twenty times because it’s sitting next to me by my laptop.

For no apparent reason though, it’s got a lemony smell that’s a little too strong for my liking. It’s a sharp, medicinal lemon rather than sweet and subtle and I don’t necessarily want my whole body to smell of it.

Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Body Mist really does work – your skin will feel much softer and silkier and if you ever used the Hyaluronic Body Concentrate, it’s a more modern and user friendly version of that. There’s a claim on the product that hydration effects last 72 hours and while I don’t dispute that, I think you’d need to use it daily for maximum benefits. Either way, it’s genius and an instant staple in my bathroom.

Hand Chemistry Hyaluronic Body Mist is £17 HERE.

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