Ok, if I could change one thing about myself (other than lengthening my legs by 3 inches), I’d easily opt for no armpit hair. I’ve actually tried a Tria home laser hair removal machine, but due to my appalling attention span, quickly realised that I didn’t have the patience for it. However, I do have a Tria out on reader trial at the moment with someone who has the patience of a saint! Tria has picked up accolades both here and in the USA (scooping the holy grail of awards from Allure Magazine) and those who’ve followed through with the home treatments really have seen amazing results. So, I’m extra happy to discover that the newest Tria machine launches in the UK on Monday and takes half the time to zap the hairs. Cutting the time it takes to run the machine over the hairs is really a big deal; because of the small laser surface area (which of course is what makes it appropriate for home use) it’s quite a time consuming business (think Eastenders omnibus for both legs and armpits together…or maybe that was just me making heavy weather of it!) and we’re often quite time poor. Halving that commitment to end up with hair free bodybits seems like a good deal. Tria isn’t cheap by any means (£675), but endless trips for waxes or a daily shave is just such a chore, and body hair literally blights the lives of many (why it shouldn’t is a whole other post!) and anything that wages war on things that make us feel less pretty is good in my book. www.tria.co.uk

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