Make-up artist, Holly Silius and jewellery designer, Hannah Warner, have completely raised the stakes in the nail art game with their range of jewels for nails. Metal nails in a variety of shades can be applied using normal nail glue and fibre, although H&H recommend you get a manicurist to put them on for you. Carved into wax, then molded, the nails are then cast in metal.

I adore the innovation of these metal nails BUT would nearly die if I lost one because they cost £40 per nail and that’s the starting price. I think you have to view them as jewellery for nails rather than nail art but I would be cursing myself blue if one fell off and I hadn’t noticed! 

These metal nails were all over fashion week so I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of them; mixed up and bespoked for celebrities, but I also think now the concept is out there, we’ll see affordable plastic versions coming too and I’m not sure how I feel about that. 

Looking at the website, H&H, I can see that there are some bindis and ‘face pieces’ planned, so I’m looking foward to seeing what they look like. 

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