I’m delighted to feature a favourite blogger, http://www.reallyree.com/, who had a bit of disaster lash-wise so was the perfect candidate to put the very expensive M2 lash products (£123 for the serum) to the test. M2 are about to release a brow revitalising serum, so if you have patchy, overplucked or thin brows, this review is for you, too.

“I have recently discovered what I would term as a ‘wonder product’ and I have to say that I do not use this description lightly. I’ll give you a bit of background. I had some fabulous lash extensions which I was totally in love with. I had fully factored them in to the rest of my life until I was poorly before Christmas. After a long cold, sinus infection and just generally being rather under the weather, my eyes suddenly decided that they really weren’t very happy.

When I’m unwell, I do tend to get a touch of eczema around my hairline and my skin gets a little inflamed and flaky. This time my lash line became very itchy and a bit red and swollen and all I wanted to do was scratch them. They too became a little flaky and as I tried to gently brush them out, they became sorer. I was left with no option but to have the extensions removed. Because they’d been itchy I had really rubbed them and the natural lashes had suffered quite a bit of stress. I had lost quite of natural lashes and the ones I did have were short and fairly sparse, quite pale in colour and felt dry and brittle. When I looked in the mirror it didn’t look like me. And I really didn’t know what I should do for the best.

So I got in touch my fave Beauty Blogger, and fellow lash extensioner, British Beauty Blogger, who advised that I put the least stress on my lashes possible and a little vaseline as a quick fix, and then she magically arranged for two wonder products to arrive at my door. These were the M2 Eyelash Activating Serum and the M2 Eyelash Revitalising Gloss.

For anyone wanting to optimize the beauty of their eyes, and for those who suffer from sparse or short eyelashes, there is now M2 Beauté Eyelash Activating Serum and Eyelash Revitalizing Gloss. The blurb says ‘This highly effective duo contains active ingredients and nutritional components that promote the fullness, length and strength of lashes along with condition, definition and shine. If applied daily, lashes not only become longer, fuller, stronger, healthier, shinier and more defined, but may also acquire a darker tone and defined curl, which makes the additional application of mascaraalmost superfluous.’

Now these products really do sounds very exciting. They make some amazing promises and in the midst of my lashless depression, every word shone out like a ray of hope. Please excuse the drama, but if you are a ReallyRee reader, you know how vain I am! I started to use it immediately. The product promises gave me hope but I also believed that it was going to take quite some time until my lashes returned to their previous state. At this point I wasn’t convinced that I would ever actually get there but I vowed to stay positive. I used it exactly as directed – serum along the lash line at night and gloss on the lashes morning and
night. And I kept my fingers crossed all the time. I continued to use my normal mascara throughout. And before I knew it, my lashes were bouncing back. I am not talking about a small improvement. I
am talking about dramatic results here! After just 10 days I can say, with my hand on my heart, that I
was actually happy with my lashes again. They felt longer and stronger and had regained a bit of the
pigment that I felt they had lost whilst the extensions had been in place. Hallelujah!

I really started to wish I had taken photos so that I could see exactly how far I’d come. But at the
time, the thought of documenting the sorry state affairs was unthinkable! Dramatic I know! It has now been a month and the products are still delivering results. As I apply my mascara, I am everyday excited by how much they have grown and I have even had comments on the length of my lashes from other people.What gets me most excited is the fact that I am supposed to achieve optimum results after 16 weeks! I am only 4 weeks in and already more than satisfied with the results!! Yay!!!

The funniest thing is that where the serum has dripped down at the outer corners on to my lowers
lash area, I have a few freakily long lower lashes at the ends. Think they may need a trim soon! I have tried so many products, some of which had good results, some great and some none, but this product has impressed me more than anything I have ever tried. It really does do everything it promises to. I have long, healthy, dark lashes and they are still getting better every day. I was lucky enough to try this product for free but knowing what I know, I would absolutely, 100%, definitely splash out on it. It apparently works out at less than £1 per day and you really can’t say fairer that!”

M2 Lash products are available at Harrods who are also launching the M2 Eyebrow Renewing Serum below in a few weeks time.

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