For the past month I have been using Guerlain Success Age Splendid Deep Action Oil-Serum, £102, and Success Age Splendid Deep-Action Night Care, £110. This range launches in September and is specifically targeted at mature skin that has been weakened by hormonal changes, using Magnolia Concentrate as its point of difference to target skin hormones and restore biological balance. With mature skin having its balance thrown out of kilter by the onset of the menopause and producing less estrogens (female hormones), androgens (male hormones) are more likely to wreak havock on the skin, causing slackening, wrinkling and dryness (and I’m sure from my very vague biology knowledge can end up giving you a moustache in your old age). Success Age Splendid claims to rebalance this hormonal disruption and simulate the action of estrogens, thus seeing off androgens. And if you think this is complicated, you should see the stack of statistics, in vitro test results, claims and descriptions I have in front of me. But, that’s about it, in a nutshell. While I am not quite in the target group for this cream, I have loved using it…..without doubt it has plumped my skin and made it look dewy and smooth. As for the hefty anti-slackening claims, one irksome wrinkle below my eye has been the test for this cream – while it hasn’t disappeared completely, it has significantly reduced. After one month. I’m very, very impressed, especially as the best results apparantly occur from two month’s use. French brands – mainly perfumes (remember that there is no French fragrance that doesn’t beseige the very heart of a confident woman’s sensuality) – do talk in very flowery language…on one of the test result press releases, we’re assured that (after 2 months use) ‘….women had reclaimed their femininity and desire for seduction….’ Pah. The very thought that a new face cream makes us immediately want to leap into a quarter cup bra and diamante thong is a step too far…..We’re British…it’s impossible to get our heads round this kind of reasoning at all.

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