I’ve been using a lot of Guerlain of late – especially the White Pearl Smoothing UV Base. I’m nowhere near as careful as I probably should be with UV but pigmentation has never bothered me at all.. I just don’t see it as an aesthetic problem although I do always use a minimum of SPF15 in skincare or foundations. So, Guerlain White Pearl Smoothing UV Base is something new to me. I have to say that at SPF30, the formulation isn’t as sophisticated as some of the really thin, liquid SPFs that are coming out but the entire Pearl range from Guerlain focusses on protecting skin from UV rays, so it’s like skincare that’s also SPF. While you might be happy to shove on any old SPF30 on your body, I think on the face, it’s a different thing, and one formula doesn’t always suit the entire body. The super-thin formulas – while I love them and recognise that they’re techologically astounding – if you can’t quite believe in them, then this ‘face cream’ formula is for you. It’s great under make-up and does a little bit of tone evening while it’s about it. I would say it’s better for mature skin – very young skin wouldn’t need this level of skin care (but would need SPF). It’s £43 HERE.

Next up is the new Guerlain Mascara – Cils D’Infer So Volume – which doesn’t launch til next month. I don’t test mascaras, but this one was snapped up by a friend and I watched the transformation. It’s a super-intense black that lifts the lashes from the root and there is definitely some good thickening action. Guerlain mascaras are a bit of a secret, I think, and well worth exploring.

Youth Treatment
1 Month Youth Treatment

While I am dearly not loving the name, Abeille Royale 1 Month Youth Treatment, I certainly do like its results. The little balls you see are full of Royal Jelly – you mix them into the cream and then use day and night for a month. I need to stress that this is for older skin – young, bouncy skin doesn’t need this intensity of treatment, and it’s got a mighty price tag too (I’ve found it here for £144 against other places where it’s £166). Its claim is to firm, nourish and lift. I’ve used it for just over two weeks (a little goes a long way) and I can say that certainly your skin will feel stronger and firmer (it’s really hard for me to tell whether the feel and look match up – I don’t notice any radical lifting and yet my skin definitely felt tauter). I’m not sure it matters what the claims are.. the proof is on the skin. There is proof that it’s done something in terms of feel and improved ‘glow’, but on the other hand, I don’t look ten years younger and nor does my skin! What I really have enjoyed is the luxury of it – it’s been an absolute pleasure to use, right from tipping those little seeds of Royal Jelly and mixing it up to every application. It’s one for skin hedonists, I think.



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