I’m part way through writing a feature for the blog on fake beauty products and another on the go about the ‘grey market’ and how it works. I kind of thought those were the probably the worst aspects of the beauty industry, but actually, no. What is absolutely disgusting me at the moment is the way big players in beauty – high street retailers and large corporations – treat the new start-ups and smaller brands trying to make their way into the beauty world. With very few exceptions, once a brand starts to do well, the beauty retail world steps into ensure that they don’t. If you don’t give a new brand space to breathe and stop strangling any profits by creaming it off for yourself, then it cannot grow and join the big players, and that’s exactly what they (the big cheeses) want. 

I’m aware of simple economics, but there comes a point where I wring my hands at the greed of some corporations. What this means to you and me, the consumers, is that our choice is less and is manipulated entirely by corporations which is then not a free market. If I could name and shame in this instance without harming the smaller brands chances, believe you me, I would.

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