It’s at least 9 months since I started taking a daily dose of Good Hair Nutrient Complex and this will be my third post on the product because I’m so convinced by it.

Good Hair is blend of over 30 vitamins, minerals and herbs (including selenium, bamboo sourced silica which is extra potent, zinc and keratin) in a meticulously researched formula that works like a charm.

Hair loss is complicated – it can happen to anyone for a number of reasons but DHT, a cause of male pattern baldness (yes, despite the name, women are affected too) is a hormone thought to be key in hair loss. The thing about Good Hair is that it contains DHT blockers to minimise the likelihood of being affected. As well as that, the formula has everything needed to keep hair in the growing phase for longer so that less will shed. If you take a hair supplement, you’re very dependent upon your body using what you take to its fullest ability, so you should also take a probiotic as hair loss and poor digestion can often be linked.

I don’t have hair loss, but as time goes on, I can easily say that it’s not as abundant as it once was. Good Hair is my belt and braces supplement because I don’t want to have it and I’d like to keep it as it is forever, really. Where I’ve seen the results hugely is on my nails – they were breaking and splitting (you won’t have seen any nail swatches on my site for a long, long time) and now they’re long and strong, while my hair seems plentiful and healthy. There’s just no doubt there at all. I should mention that since trialling Good Hair, I’m now a happy customer and it’s permanently added to my supplement intake.

It will take two months (maybe slightly less if you’re lucky) to see results from this supplement which is why we have an offer for BBB readers to buy one, get one half price making them £49.98 instead of £65.98 to make the results point more affordable. Supplements can be a leap of faith which is why it’s good to hear from someone who has seen results over time – which I undoubtedly have.  The offer has my name under it and is HERE. 


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