I’ve spotted something quite exciting over at Sephora. The GLO is a home tooth whitening device that is looking a lot like giving results as good as a dentist treatment can. This has had to have been coming for quite some time and I trust Sephora to pick the best. It isn’t the first home tooth whitening system I’ve seen; there is a very good one at Space.nk called the Go Smile Whitening Light Light, but the GLO seems to have more bells on it. 

The mouthpiece basically sits against the teeth and uses heat and LED light (rather than UV) and also ensures that it is only teeth that are exposed to the light. The gel claims to be carbamide peroxide free (a common oxidizing agent to bleach away stains), which is sometimes known to cause irritation. What I can’t seem to find out is what is exactly in the gel that is needed along with heat and light. It has been classed as a Class One Medical Device and registered with the FDA. UK regulations differ to that of the FDA in America so it remains to be seen whether we’ll ever get it here, but I really hope so. It promises whitening between five and eight shades, which to my mind is enough to make teeth look really clean but not so severe that you look like an extra on Glee.

With whitening in the UK costing an extortionate amount (but please don’t ever be tempted into one of those smile booths you see in shopping centres) and even more if you want a tray made so you can buy the peroxide gel and top up at home, this seems to be a hopeful new option at $275.

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