Now, this was quite an experience! This comes as a fine powder, with each granule able to hold masses of water.. which means that when you chuck it into your bath, it goes, well, soupy. It is a very weird thing – on the one hand, I have to say that I was really achy when I got into the Relax version of the bath (it’s infused with lavender, jasmine and bergamot) and wasn’t at all achy when I got out – in fact, my legs feel quite rejuvenated. But, I couldn’t really settle to all the bits.. despite the fact that they’re gel, they never really melded the water into one big, thickened mass; it was thinner than I was expecting and the bits of gel, although transparent, cling to the skin that isn’t immersed in water. Not, of course, that I have ever bathed in tapioca, but I imagine it wouldn’t be disimilar, if I decided to do so, the notable difference being that the Relax version of the gel is very, very purple! There is no staining or residue so it doesn’t really matter.

I liked the experience because it is really quite different and just on that basis alone, it is worth a go, but once was fine for me! You also need to add some salt (included in the pack) to help it drain away down the plug hole.

It’s £9.99 for one bath’s worth at

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