Garnier Moisture Bomb Protect Mist

I reckon in a few year’s time it will be as common to carry an SPF mist as it is now to carry a lipstick in your handbag. The origins of protective misting lie in Korea where that is the case right now. The point of UV mists is not to act as a sunscreen for the beach but more for incidental exposure to UV rays (so walking to the shops in your lunch hour or similar scenarios).  There’s also an anti-pollution aspect with, in this case, pomegranate extracts acting as anti-oxidants.

In use, yes, it’s light and no, it doesn’t feel like sunscreen. But, neither does it feel like skin care exactly. I certainly didn’t find it moisturising apart from the very intital spritz that feels vaguely oily before drying down to look and feel imperceptible (despite the fact that it sits under the Moisture Bomb label) but conversely, it wasn’t drying either. It’s useful that you can apply this over make-up and it won’t mess with it (don’t hold it too near your face when you spray!).

I think that these mists are a mind-shift thing for us Brits – as we take more notice of UV damage and SPFs in skin care, the more they’ll seem relevant and necessary. If you don’t already have that mind-set, then you may still need some convincing that this thing you can’t see and can’t feel is doing anything at all. What IS great is that they’re shifting into affordable territory (this is £6.66 at Boots HERE) – even BioDerma isn’t beating that price. Although I like the BioDerma UV Mist better (It’s £9.99 HERE).

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nti UV, SPF 30, Anti-pollution/oxidation. Use even over make-up. Antioxidant pomegranatee extract.

A new generation of mist that instantly refreshes skin and protects it from daily aggressions: UV Pollution and oxidation. It combines antioxidant pomegranate, hydrating glycerin and UV Filters in a texture as light and invisable as air.

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