Garnier Miracle Skin Cream
Garnier Miracle Skin Cream

I went to a presentation on this product this morning and the minute I saw it was called ‘miracle’ my eyes nearly rolled through the back of my head. How many miracles can beauty have? However, I’ve got to say, I am mighty impressed with Garnier Miracle Skin Cream – I mean, seriously.

What you’re going to see over the coming months is skin care that combats signs of tiredness.. much in the way that Clinique persuaded us that all those cute little freckles and differentiations on our skin were actually ‘dark spots’ that needed addressing pronto, much the same is going to happen regarding tired skin. We are all suddenly going attribute all kinds of skin woes to ‘tiredness’, so I’m junking that theory that skin fatigue is something that needs individual products and querying if it even exists at all. That said, as a skin perfector, Garnier Miracle Skin Cream is ingenious. It crosses blurring with concealing with anti-ageing – a next generation CC I guess you could say and although it comes out completely white, as you massage it over your skin, its colour-adaptive spheres become apparent in the lightest of touches. The adaptive part is key, because Garnier claim that it will suit all tones from the darkest to the lightest. Obviously, I only have my own complexion to try it on. So, to the main ingredients and their claims:

LHA: To stimulate surface skin cell renewal

Pro-Retinol: To stimulate collagen synthesis

Vitamin C Derivative: To stimulate collagen synthesis

Vitamin B3: Antioxidant protection

Vitamin B5: Reinforces hydrolipidic barrier

Firming Peptides: Stimulates collagen production

Ginger Extract: Known for antioxidant properties


There isn’t much this cream isn’t doing! So, you get that little hint of colour along with a little glow (totally reminds me of the Garnier BB cream) that is part concealing, part enhancing. Certainly, I can tell which side of my face has it on at the moment. I’d say that while I wouldn’t opt for it every day, the no-make up, real skin trend is absolutely here, and it’s great for ‘Sunday Face’ where you don’t want the excesses of Saturday night to show but neither can you really be bothered to get your make-up on. Also, if you’ve done a Sunday facial the Skin Cream is just that hint of coverage so you don’t hide all your good work. I think this is going to be huge.

Garnier Miracle Eye Cream
Garnier Miracle Eye Cream

The other product in the line-up is the eye-cream – totally reduced my dark circles straight away – what more can I say? Another brilliant Sunday Face choice but easier to incorporate into every day as well. Worth noting that the product was trialled on British women (over 300). And, obviously, as I’ve only just tried it, I can’t say anything on the longer term anti-ageing claims. But nonetheless, both have gone straight into the keep drawer.

Miracle Skin Cream and Miracle Eye Cream launch in February for £12.99 each into Boots.

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