Garnier Micellar Gel
Garnier Micellar Gel

I love a lab sample – it never matters to me that packaging isn’t perfect when it comes to a look into the future. The Garnier Micellar Gel isn’t due til next year actually, but Garnier is one of those brands that quietly sets a trend without the rest of the beauty world realising until it’s actually happened. It’s the brand that made BBs mainstream in the UK and the brand that does budget micellars so well that I choose them over BioDerma – and I never thought that could be beaten.

So, Micellar Gels aren’t new exactly – L’Oreal Paris already has one, as does La Roche-Posay – but they’re nowhere near mainstream. I love a Micellar (the one you see in the picture above is my lazy, in front of the TV cleanse when I just can’t be bothered to do a double cleanse) and a micellar gel is the same theory – micelles (oil droplets) to clean away makeup, only this time rather than set in water, it’s set in a gel. It doesn’t offer the same TV cleanse as a micellar water which doesn’t need rinsing away; the Garnier Micellar Gel needs wiping away with a damp cloth rather than just a cotton pad.

But generally, where Garnier goes, others follow, so this may be the beginning of a big micellar gel trend. Only time will tell, but where the La Roche Posay micellar gel is £12, L’Oreal Paris comes in at £2.95 and a price has yet to be set for Garnier but it will be high street affordable.

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