My newest BBB Count Down is for Functionalab Biomimetic Cell System Skincare. This is a really impressive range of skincare from Functionalab, whose supplements were a total sell-out when they launched last year. But, it’s complicated to explain so be kind while I have go because as we all know, science is not my thing! 
Functionalab uses Sirtuins (proteins that protect cells and increase their life-span allowing them to product more collagen, elastin and other key proteins) and the four key ingredients in the anti-ageing range are Sirtuin 1 (to protect and repair), Sirtuin 3 (protects and energizes cells), Ub-p (detoxifies cells) and Chrono Peptides (to boost DNA protection during the day and repair at night). Chrono Peptides also boosts the skin’s ability too regenerate around the day-night cycle and eliminates the need for separate day and night creams.
So, it’s all pretty weighty stuff. It’s also the first range that I know of to include Sirtuin 3 (Lauder uses Sirtuin 1). To put it all into its most basic form, you don’t need separate day and night creams as one cream identifies what your skin needs and when, the cell detoxifiers gobble up debris that skin cells create and the range targets your skin needs rather than your biological age. So, you may be in your fifties and only need fine lines addressing or you could have the same issues and be in your twenties depending upon how kind your genes have been. It’s all about your skin and your needs and not a general one-cream-does-all, although the products are indicated for young, mature and ageing as a guideline. 
The range is pretty comprehensive – one of the things I like about it best is that it has a dedicated product for fragile skin – something not many brands target. But, I’ve seen fragile skin in action and it is a difficult skin type to treat with any meaningful results. Fragile skin is thin and crepey and can either be the result of ageing, medication or genes. It tears and marks easily and needs to be treated with kid gloves at all times. Combination skin is also addressed and while it isn’t an anti-acne range, it can reduce sebum production enough to put a cap on flare ups. I also like the fact that once you get your head around what your skin needs, you don’t need a million and one products. 
Prices start from £25 (for cleanser) with a mid point (for serum) at £49 and the creams at £75, so while not a budget range by any means, it’s not knocking at the same door as the really premium skin ranges that can be asking double for less. It launches first into Harrods in October and then into Harvey Nichols.

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