Friday Treat Serravinci Melon Liqueur

Earlier this year, Mr BBB and I went off to Milan for a long weekend and had the best time, not least because I picked up a pre-loved Chanel jacket for a crazy bargain price in the vintage fair by the canal. As well as going to La Scala (the only music I really like is opera and I’m still a novice), we also ate exceptionally well – it’s Italy after all. But while I can’t tell you exactly what we had, because it was a few months ago now, I can exactly describe to you the deliciousness of an after dinner liqueur we were served called Meloncello. Yes, like Lemoncello but with melons. It’s slightly different in that Meloncello is a creamier drink.

Friday Treat Serravinci Melon Liqueur

It’s one of the nicest things I have ever tasted in my life – sweet, fragrant, velvety, creamy and so, so intensely melony: we both got a little jug full of it after dinner and didn’t leave even a drop. Mr BBB had a go at recreating at home – it was horrible and virtually undrinkable so I don’t quite know what went wrong there. So, when I was at the Spirit of Christmas Fair at Olympia on Monday, I discovered and tasted Serravinci Melon Liqueur and it is exactly the same – like Milan all over again. I bought two bottles but know that that isn’t nearly enough so I think it’s going to be a regular order from now on. Mr BBB hasn’t tasted it yet because he is over in Switzerland but I can’t wait for him to try it! The brand calls it Meloncino and they make all sorts of flavours, from chocolate to pistachio to coconut to wild strawberry. I have to say that Wild Strawberry is on the cards because I go straight for the strawberry cream in a box of Quality Street.

If you like a short and sweet hit of alcohol after a dinner, this completely hits the spot (it’s very more-ish, be warned) but you can just as easily mix it up and make a rum based cocktail around it with some passion fruit juice or coconut water and plenty of ice. Honestly, delicious and I thought a bit of a bargain at £16.70 HERE. It’s 17% ABV which isn’t too strong, compared to something like gin which is about 37% on average. Obviously if you add some rum, all bets are off.

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