[unpaid/affiliate] I always get so drawn in by Hush, especially their casual or lounge stuff which is really spot on for how I like to dress. I’ve rounded up the best of the hoodie/sweatshirt pieces in case you feel you need an update for weekend wear. I say weekend – it’s every day for me unless I’m out and about but I don’t like my look to be too sloppy. Each piece has something that elevates it in terms of down-dressing – you never know when you might have to hop on a Zoom :-).

Hush Metallic

This grey sweatshirt immediately caught my attention for the metallic foil strips at the (realising I have no word for that bit of the body so improvising) under-shoulder. You wouldn’t catch me wearing it with silver trousers though – this is firmly for the jeans or black bootcuts! It’s £59 HERE and available in all sizes from XXS to XL.

Hush Jumper Hoodie

I was immediately attracted to this jumper because it’s got a hood. I love a hoodie and I love a jumper – the two combined is a perfect combination. Now I’m back dog-walking I like the idea of having the security of an extra hood if needed and had a flash of myself shoving it on over my pjs on a cold morning. Another idea would be a gilet over the top. It’s a wool blend – 32% – and the recommendation is for hand-wash. There aren’t many clothing items that I would tolerate a hand wash for other than my cashmere, but I would for this. It’s £129 HERE and all sizes are available.

Hush Long Hoodie

Thank you Hush for remembering that bottoms get cold too! I would 100% wear this grey marl hoodie under my coat or round the house as an extra layer – I’d keep it simple with a white shirt/t-shirt and jeans. The inside is soft and cosy and all sizes are available. It’s £79 HERE and I wish they did it in black too!

Hush Sequin Sweat

I’m on the fence about this one – I’d like it to be longer and looser for my own personal preference but I’m the odd one out seemingly because it’s selling super quick to the point that there is only XS, S and M left. Hush clothing does come up a big bigger so if you feel you’re on the edge of M/L, and M will probably be fine. It’s dry clean only. The sequin sweat is £89 HERE.

Hush Hoodie

Finally, and completely perfect for my black waxed jeans, the Supersoft Hoodie. It’s very fine in texture so perfect for layering and especially useful if you tend to overheat or like to stay streamlined. Shove a leather jacket over it and a t-shirt under it (or if you’re chilly, a Uniqlo Heat-tech Long Sleeve (HERE) and you’re ready to go. It’s £45 HERE and available in all sizes except XS. I’ve kept things in neutral colours because that’s my natural home but Hush has plenty of colourful options in other styles.

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