[unpaid/affiliate] One of my perceived entries into adulthood, along with a proper purse, was buying a sun parasol for the garden. Somehow it just seemed such a sensible and grown up purchase! In researching this piece, I’ve discovered that prices for parasols vary wildly depending upon all sorts of things but mainly size – if you’re looking to cover a massive patio you can literally pay hundreds. There are also trends in garden parasols – who knew? Two of the most popular styles currently appear to be ‘vintage’ and ‘Shanghai’.

The pink M&S Parasol is described as ‘Shanghai style’ and is £99 HERE. There are four colours – I’m undecided about whether choosing a pink one will make everyone who sits under it looks sunburned (or pissed) as the sun reflects the pink colour downwards… possibly safer with teal, grey or sage – although much more boring.

La Redoute, which isn’t a brand I pay much attention to usually, has some fantastic bargains on their sun umbrellas which were £135 and are now £67.50 HERE. I’m enjoying the blue stripes of this vintage style – just add a pitcher of Sangria and we are off! (Top picture is the red version)

The biggest bargain I can find is this blue one from Anyday at John Lewis – it’s £29 HERE and not even in the sale. There’s a grey option as well and I think I might feel tempted to buy some beaded fringing from the haberdashery and make it more special.

If I was in the market for a new umbrella I’d be very tempted by this one, again from La Redoute, with both pattern and fringe, because it feels very stylish (gather your white dress to drape yourself artfully underneath it…) in an understated way.

Finally, this beauty from Dunelm, which at £100 HERE is the fanciest of all already has its own beading. You need to take into account whether you want a bendy stalk which pushes the price up and whether you need one of those heavy metal blocks to stick your parasol in. Unless you don’t mind holes in your grass, you probably do, and they’re an absolute pain in the butt to move about but there are wheely versions that could minimise that awkward manoeuvre somewhat. So, I’ve learned a lot which is what makes these Friday treats so fun to write.

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