Fresh Kidz UK
Fresh Kidz UK

Anyone with kids that are hovering around puberty will recognise the feeling where, as a doting mum, you suddenly realise that your child smells. Of proper BO. But, how can this be – it’s your baby, right? I can remember being told I was too young for deodorant as a child, and although I don’t think I needed it, I wanted to emulate my mum – it was part of her every day routine so I saw it as something totally desirable. In fact, I couldn’t wait to be grown up enough for deodorant!

But, now, it’s different times. Mums have a difficult enough time battling brands from over-sexualising everything from kids clothes and underwear to makeup, so it’s rather refreshing to see a brand that recognises that puberty hits earlier than ever but despite that, kids are kids. So Fresh Kidz (£2.99) is connotation free. It’s for smelly days, and that’s all. Fresh Kidz is recommended for age 8+ and formulated without alcohol, parabens or almuninium. It’s not even scented. It’s as innocuous as soap and fits into a daily routine without sending any messages other than that it fulfils a normal body related function. Keeping kids as kids is a tough job these days so it’s good to have something that doesn’t infringe on being a child just because hormones start to kick in a little earlier than they used to.

My only little negative is the Z at the end of kidz. They’re smelly, not stupid.


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