So, you’ve probably heard of Resveratrol in skin care – associated with grapes; it’s not a completely uncommon ingredient, but it isn’t really known particularly as a supplement aimed at the beauty market. There has been research (notably from Harvard) that shows Resveratrol can help to replicate cells which has connotations not only for beauty but for health too. It’s being looked at closely in connection with heart disease, for example.

Normally, I’d be inclined to put this down as nonsense, but since my experience with Imedeen and realising that what you take on the inside genuinely can have an effect on the outside, I’m less of a sceptic. Fountain is apparently one of the first bio-available Resveratrol products to the market  – you take a spoonful every day and a bottle will last six weeks. The other two things that are making me think this one might have legs is that a) it has hyaluronic acid in the mix as well, and b) Boots have taken it.

There is SO much Resveratrol information on-line that it is impossible to come to a conclusion one way or the other on whether taking it as a supplement will bring big benefits, but I think, as with any supplement a leap of faith is required. Look what happened when I took a leap of faith with Imedeen.. I’m still taking it and loving it.

Anyway, Fountain will launch on 7th August in Boots for £24.99.

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