Just had a press release through extoling the virtues of a new cream – SkinVenom – promising ‘Botox’ like effects. Not only is this kind of unwise because the real Botox are getting litiginous and issuing stern warnings about using the actual word when describing anything other than the real thing. There have been many releases and features recently describing ‘a botulin like effect’! Not the same ring. It’s also unwise to imply that any cream is going to give results as good as my fave muscle freezing jabs. There is simply no way that a cream can deliver on this promise. SkinVenom apparantly contains ‘mirror like’ ingredients to venom that paralize muscles by making them forget to wrinkle. And maybe a broken promise is a snip at 180 pounds, but somehow I doubt it. I predict lots of Grazia-esq enthusiasm for this potion, but expect it to be a one hit wonder, although it did sell out in the States. And anyway you can practically have the real thing for that money. The makers, Syence, are giving away trial samples if anyone wants to feed back and give it go. http://www.syence.com/. Since I haven’t actually tried it myself maybe this is a little harsh, but experience tells me that it probably won’t be anywhere near as good as botulin!

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