For a beauty writer, I’m unusually reluctant to go for beauty treatments, not least because they take far too long and about half way through I am virtually climbing off the table desperate to go home. And, I never want to be one of those people who need someone else to pluck their eyebrows. So, I only ended up agreeing to lash extensions because the Flutter girls do a home service where they just turn up with a table and a lash kit. Kathryn, who owns Flutter (who is 24; running a succesful business that she kept going while she studied for a degree at university, and has just been offered rooms at Harrods’ Urban Retreat – impressive, no?) arrived yesterday to apply the extensions. Be under no illusions, this is a long process – around about 2 hours of lying completely still, unable to see with someone working in minute detail around the eye area. In fact, I couldn’t stay the course and admitted defeat at around an hour and half. My friend, Shereen, who also had hers done, did stick with it and ended up with more lashes than my 50. However, despite my inability to lie still, I can’t recommend this treatment highly enough. The lashes are unbelievable; they look as if I’ve been blessed with unnaturally natural long, thick black lashes – there’s no falseness about the look at all and it is quite simply stunning. Each synthetic lash is painstakingly applied to your own lashes individually; the lashes have length and curl no mascara can replicate despite what the ads might say. And, there’s a level of precision and skill involved in application that I now feel deserves the utmost respect – Kathryn seems to have the patience of a saint. It’s difficult to recommend one person over any others, when I haven’t actually tried any others, but what I can say is that I’ve seen lash extensions done badly and done quite well, but I haven’t seen them look exceptional except on the eyes of the person who recommended Kathryn in the first place! This is the closest I’ll ever get to looking like Cheryl Cole so that on it’s own makes me happy, and the photos above, although not of me, are absolutely representational how my lashes look now. The Flutter eyelash artists will go to any M25 location (not quite stretching into North London yet) and the cost for the initial set is around £180, with £80 fill ins required every 3-4 weeks to maintain the look. It’s not low maintenance, or budget friendly (although you don’t need to use mascara), but it is a luxury that is transformational, and I suspect, highly addictive….I’m not sure I can just let these babies go.

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