Yesterday, I tweeted out that Instagram Filter was one of the best things that had ever happened to me. But, while I was walking my dogs early this morning – my best thinking time – it occurred to me that it’s no different to magazines that air-brush. I’ve even blogged in the past that air-brushing gives unattainable ideals – it makes women look perfect when in reality, none of us are. Air-brushing wipes out wrinkles, moles, skin variations and anything else you need to – but then so does Instagram filter – and we’re doing it to ourselves through choice.

I can, hand on heart, say that I look twenty times (if not more) better through the kindness of Filter No.2 that softens absolutely everything, and yet, I’m not ashamed of my face. I totally understand how hard it is go commando – it seems more acceptable to me (even though I am mostly anti-air brushing) to show Instagram followers a more glamorous image than not. Partly, I guess it is vanity and also the newness of the Selfie (I am SO new at this!) that makes me feel shy or wary of the whole visual truth. And also that I’m an older woman in a very young environment.

I used to have a camera with an ‘air brush’ option and used it for my profile pic (it’s still around in the ether somewhere) and I very distinctly remember a young blogger saying, “you don’t look anything like your picture.” He was right – I didn’t, in reality, look anything like that tanned, flawless image that I had thought was acceptable, so I changed it to another picture – but I still did a bit of trickery in erasing ‘imperfections’. In true reality, what I looked like was rather knackered, dark under the eyes and slightly creased because that’s exactly what I am!

So, is Instagram our own worst enemy, allowing us to project images that are unrealistic in the same way that air-brushing does? I’m totally conflicted and don’t have any answers to this, so your input is valuable to me as a blogger. Blogging is – or was – all about the real girl experience and yet, it’s anything but over on Instagram. I’m HERE if you want to follow but I can’t guarantee I’ll be going No Filter just yet!


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