Filorga Reoxygenating Scrub & Mask
Filorga Reoxygenating Scrub & Mask

In an effort to try more skin care, I’ve had a very productive week! I’m forcing myself out of my routine to give other products a go, and of all the things I’ve tried, the Filorga Reoxygenating Scrub & Mask comes out top by a mile. It’s funny because the PR for this brand has been encouraging me to try it for a while (last email – ‘just try the bloody mask’ I believe..!) even though Filorga isn’t a brand I particularly like. Now I realise why!

I’m not convinced by the reoxygenating part, but the mask does that fizzy thing on the face and is part physical and part enzymatic which is a blessing of a combination for softer and brighter skin. There was a noticable brightening effect and a moisturising effect that lasted all day. When you apply it to the face, apply in circular motions to physically exfoliate. Leave it on until the fizzing stops to allow the enzymes to do their thing.

But, here’s my rub with Filorga – the packaging says, “…while an enzyme mimicking the embryo hatching process boosts exfoliation…..”. Yeah, sorry… embryo hatching? Too much nonsense hiding an awesome product.

The Filorga Reoxygenating Scrub & Mask is £38 but I’ve spotted on M&S that you’ll get a free Foam Cleanse with every Filorga order which kind of takes the sting out of the price tag. A little goes a long way, and on results, I’d have to say this is a big recommend for winter skin that’s feeling grey and dull. You can find it HERE.

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