Bath Treats
Bath Treats

I love, love, love a steaming, hot bath. It’s my favourite thing about winter and colder weather and steeping, I am sure of it, is good for the soul. The way my house is laid out, if I leave the bathroom door open I can listen to the TV in the bedroom – I have to have it on loud so it drives everyone else nuts but I just like to listen to the spoken word; it’s always very soothing. I’ve come to view bathing as relaxation – who cares if any actual washing goes on (although it does, I hasten to add) – it’s the pure pampering and embracing nature of it that I love so much. Sometimes I’ll make phone calls from the bath – BUT never tell anyone that I’m actually in the bath – my mum kept me chatting so long the other day I was totally crinkled because I didn’t want her to hear me getting out! Silly, I know.

So, I’m quite fussy about what I put in my bath. The products above are my favourites at the moment; the Dr Hauschka Bath Essences are absolute joy, and I love the gentle macaroon scent that comes from the Almond variety. Lemongrass has a culinary vibe to it – green lemons, I guess, and is a great mind freshener; more herb than fruit. You can find them HERE. They’re worth every penny of the £17.95 price tag (I’ve linked to FeelUnique because it has free postage). Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate, with its herby scent gives a gorgeous foam and it feels utterly comforting – I’d never waste this on a shower! It’s £18 HERE. Jo Loves Pomelo Bath Cologne is so lovely; fruity, warm and very cheerful – it also floods the house with the same scent which is great for everyone else; the foam is very slight. There is a Jo Loves Bath & Shower Foam as well and it is the most foamy bath foam I’ve ever used – they haven’t launched yet but when they do and you need a pamper, go for it! Finally, my beloved Aromatherapy Associates oil – it doesn’t really matter what variant you get; I always opt for one of the blends if I feel upset, over-tired or on edge and those let aromatherapy oils do their work. Beauty Bay have it on offer at the moment and again, I can’t recommend it highly enough. It’s HERE.

I’d love to know if you have any special bathing rituals or things you like to do when you bathe.

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