Ooh, this is a strange one! The Faith Lift is quite an experience…it’s a formula that is organic, smells rather lovely (a bit like cakes) and gives your skin a definite perk using polysaccharides. It also contains shea butter, borage oil, whole leaf aloe, vitamin and vitamin A.

I’m always quite wary of things that promise a ‘face lift’ effect, and straight off, I’ll say if you are expecting Joan Rivers after the Faith Lift you will be disappointed. It doesn’t ‘lift’ in a dramatic way, but what it does do is give your skin a temporary, subtle tightening and brightening that is noticable. Skin is incredibly smooth and toned afterwards.

The formulation forms a film over skin after you’ve applied it with a brush (you don’t need much at all) gets tighter, and tighter and then some more and you leave it there for half an hour before washing off with a warm cloth. It’s a very good pre-party or special occasion prep and does improve the look and feel of skin beautifully. I’m slightly more dubious that progressive use will give more lasting results – your skin will probably look much better for using it because of the glow and softness it leaves but whether it responds in a tightening way that is meaningful longer term, I don’t know. I’ve no particular reason to doubt that it does, but equally, haven’t tried it myself longer term.

Faith Lift is a little coy about what exactly the ‘Faith Lift’ Herbal Extract is that gives the boosting, but nonetheless, it’s impressive stuff for those times when you want to look like you but much better! It’s £30.

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