This really is the most simple of gadgets – in the back of my mind, I think I’ve tried something very similar before – it’s a non-sharp blade that exfoliates your skin. Whether it’s for you or not is down to a couple of things. If you loathe exfoliating, it’s very quick and easy, or if you have sensitive skin that doesn’t like traditional exfoliators, then Exfolimate seems like a good alternative. I’ve only used this once (only had it for two days), so I’ve yet to see the effect, but in theory there is absolutely no reason why this shouldn’t work well.

The metal part is stainless steel, but it’s microscopically grooved, so is good at catching dead skin cells. You do need to use it on damp skin so just after a bath or shower is ideal. The gadget doesn’t come with all the grains and scents that an exfoliating salt or sugar would, so if you love that tactile and fragrant element of exfoliation this isn’t for you. But, it seems like a bit of a godsend for anyone who struggles to use regular products due to sensitivity. My instinct told me I needed some ‘slip’ with this – body wash or soap – but in fact, it’s quite glidey on its own.

There’s one for the face and one for the body and it’s £19.99 HERE. Oh, and definitely watch the video for it’s comedy enthusism value. There’s an award that needs to be given, there!

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