Just picking up on a story here from The Daily Mail, entitled “Even The Most Expensive Cosmetic Creams Can’t Live Up To Claims That They Repair Skin From Within” based on a very credible study from the University of Bath which finds that claims of deep penetration from ingredients are patently untrue and that even nanoparticles do not penetrate the skin’s surface.

It’s just a blindingly obvious irony, not that it turns out to be untrue that the more you spend the more you get, but that this is from the same paper that couldn’t wait to tell us the news of cream that makes your breasts bigger. Jesus.. if it’s now proven that nanoparticles make no difference and that beauty claims of banishing your wrinkles are less and less credible then surely it’s no leap of the imagination that no cream in the world is going to give you bigger (or, indeed, smaller) boobs. 

I’m rather hoping that bringing the blindingly obvious to our attention will automatically negate the Mail’s fondness for ‘hope in a jar’ stories that have women splashing their cash needlessly.


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