Etieno Skin Care

I’ve been so looking forward to posting about this range of skin care. After meeting Precious, the founder, at The Beauty Exchange last week, while I was speaking at the event. I’ve never been more convinced by the heart of a brand. So, what you need to know about Etiene Skin Care is that it’s formulated for compromised skin – skin that’s suffering as a result of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. I think that only those who’ve experienced it know the sensitivity, itching and dryness that chemical interventions cause but those I know who’ve been through it are always very forebearing about it, with the view that it’s a small price to pay for the chance of being rid of their cancer. However, it’s horrid, and insult to injury.

Etieno Skin Care
Etieno Skin Care

Precious Jason’s story is that she has been through several chemo treatments, total body radiation and a bone marrow transplant, so if anyone is qualified to understand the needs of skin through treatments, it’s her. She lost her hair and her nails, and felt that there was nothing gentle enough for her traumatised skin which she found too harsh on her already damaged skin. Precious spent her recovery time researching ingredients and creating products to heal her own skin. What’s impressive about this range is that every single ingredient is there for a purpose. It’s like a map of reasoning and you know it’s been tried and thoroughly tested on the skin that it’s meant for.

At the event, Precious stood up to ask her questions about how best to talk to press and bloggers (I was there with Sali Hughes), and there was just something about her… it’s hard to say.. just something really special. She came to speak to me afterwards and I’m grateful that she did because she is such a gentle, kind person, a little bit worn down after so many treatments but determined to pass on something good as a result of her experiences. I don’t think she’ll mind me saying that we had a bit of a cry together (and nearly set Sali off, too) at the bloody unfairness of cancer and all that’s lost because of it. I definitely took a part of her away in my heart – and I’m really not a squidgy person. I’ll also tell you, again, because I think she won’t mind (too much), that I have a friend on her second round of cancer treatments and Precious has sent her not only product to help with her skin, but also a book of her own with an enclosed letter, that greatly helped her, just to pass on some comfort and empathy.

Product wise, Precious has created something I’ve never come across before – a Compromised Scalp Oil, to help nourish dry scalps and reduce the itching sensation when hair falls out. Alongside the oil, there is body balm, shampoo, beautiful soap bars (apricot and mango, anyone?) and a lip balm. Every product is made without preservatives, but I’ll send you to the site to look through the ingredients lists – they’re really so nicely thought out and have some very unusual naturally sourced ingredients (Manuka oil for healing, Echinacea for immunity, for example). All of these – maybe especially the scalp oil, though are just as good for men as for women.

Precious is awesome.. I promise.. I’ve thought about her every day since I met her. I haven’t called in any products to test – I don’t have compromised skin; it’s best left to those who do, but the ingredient listings and the heart of the person behind the brand tell me that it’s all good. You can find Etieno Skin Care HERE.




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