Etat Pur is one of the most interesting brands we have had in the UK for many, many years, but it’s quite hard to understand at first glance. So, bottom line of it is that they sell well priced (because they have no bricks and mortar stores; only on-line) skin care that you can adjust to whatever your skin needs at any given time.

Currently, if you’re post holiday or post sun-tan, your skin is going to be parched and needing some heavy anti-oxidant injection and well as moisture to give it back it’s usual glow. In winter, when the central heating kicks in, it sends dry skin insane, oily skin into overdrive and the constant in and out of hot and cold turns the hardiest of complexions into sensitive situations. Your skin, unless you are very lucky, is a constant evolution of differing needs. 

To be fair, mine is fairly constant, but it takes so little to take it from that constancy to dryness – I don’t have any oiliness ever, but oh, I just need to look at a radiator and it starts to crinkle! 

I was very curious to know what French women stock up on from Etat Pur (the brand comes from the same stable as BIODerma) and the two things that are consistent best sellers in France, where the skin care is legendary, are LW Hyaluronic Acid (see picture above) at £14.20 and the Micellar Water (there is also one for oily skin) at £6.40. I think there’s something to be learned right there although I’m hoping the fact that I actively use both already might mean I am a little bit French!  My skin adores Hyaluronic for its regenerating powers, but I am also loving the look of Aloe Vera at £8.50 for dry and damaged skin.

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