If you’re a regular reader of BBB, then you’ll know that the Estee Lauder Blockbuster was what got me well and truly hooked on beauty in the first place. My mum and dad gave one of these collections to me for Christmas – I must have been in my early teens – and back then, there was no fancy vanity case; it came in a big, rectangular box. I can remember being completely awestruck that a) such a thing existed and b) that my mum and dad had bought something for me that was SO me. Having harboured the idea that they weren’t my real parents (as you do when you know you were supposed to be born in London or somewhere equally exciting and yet somehow have ended up in the middle of nowhere in Scotland walking labradors when you’re pretty sure you should be shopping or something – please tell me all kids sometimes wonder?) it did make me think that perhaps they were, after all. This is a running family joke that I still hope my real parents will appear one day ;-).

I sat on my bedroom floor with the box and it was truly a thing of wonder. The smell of the lipsticks is something that I’ll remember all of my life – a curious floral plastic smell not unlike Barbie dolls. The colours were wildly inappropriate for a young teen but I didn’t care – I spent hours learning how to do my make up. I dread to think now what it must have looked like but I thought myself the most glamorous girl in Scotland. I remember almost not wanting to use them – the eyeshadows in particular – because they were so perfect as they were, and that’s something I still do now – I have to brace myself to swatch sometimes! I kept everything in the box for years – even when the lipsticks were down to their last stubs – and I wish I still had it now.

All of this is leading me to say that the Estee Lauder Blockbuster 2014 has just been released – whatever way you look at it, it’s a monumental bargain for £52 (with a value of £180) with a purchase of any Estee Lauder fragrance. Inside, it contains:

  • Advanced Night Repair complex 7ml
  • Revitalising Supreme 15ml
  • 1 make-up remover 100ml
  • 12 bestselling eyeshadows
  • 2 bestselling blushes
  • 1 Supmtuous Extreme mascara
  • 3 Pure Colour lipsticks
  • 3 High Shine lipglosses
  • 1 smoky kohl eyeliner
  • 1 berry nail lacquer
  • 2 Modern Muse eau de parfums (1.5ml travel sizes)
  • Navy satin train case
  • Golden crocodile embossed cosmetic case

These always go really fast, unsurprisingly, and I don’t expect this year to be any different, so if you want one, I’d suggest you buy it soon. It’s HERE. 

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