Essie Treat Love & Colour

My nails went into a melt-down in terms of condition several months ago. I treated them successfully with Solar Oil and having a polish ban for six weeks. What a difference! But, as soon as started using polish again (and therefore not treating with oil) they’ve gone back – not as badly – to their breaky-flaky condition. So, the Essie Treat Love & Colour polishes are exactly what I need right now.

The blurb around them says that they’re good for dry, brittle nails and after a week you can expect 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage, which sounds flipping amazing to me! It’s down (apparently) to camellia extract and collagen. I think they’re a half way house – what I know I need to do is go on another polish ban and oil my nails morning, noon and night because that’s what really works – but when the polish craving gets me, I’m weak. So these will do. I love the shimmery oyster shade of Tonal Taupe.

Shades left to right are: Good As Nude, See The Light, Tonal Taupe and Treat Me Bright (a pretty iridescent coat). They’re £8.99 (on a 3 for 2 right now at Boots) HERE.

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