I’ve used the ESPA range on and off for a long time now. A couple of my criticisms in the past have been that it looked kind of old fashioned, and also felt like a spa brand, not a have-at-home brand. It’s roots are of course, in the spa industry, so that’s not really a surprise and one of my very favourite ever ESPA products is the Invigorating Salt Scrub for the body. But there’s a whole new, shiny look in the latest anti-ageing range that puts it firmly in 2011 packaging and ingredient wise. 

ESPA Lift & Firm is targeted at skin that is showing signs of ageing to firm it up and tackle wrinkles. Because I love a face mask so much, when I was offered the chance to try the range, that’s the product I reached for straight away. The Lift & Firm mask (the short, fat pot in the above picture) is for mature skin and skin that is dehydrated or stressed. Packed with anti-ageing ingredients including Argan oil to smooth and Larch to tone, lift and firm, it’s really a treat for the skin. I don’t know whether the Argan oil has anything to do with it – my skin loves that oil – but I was left with a super-soft complexion that looked completely perky and like I’d ‘done’ something good to it. I also like the fact it contains ‘silt’ for cell renewal – you don’t often hear the word ‘silt’ in a beauty context!

It’s not cheap at £45, and your skin would really need to fit into the categories it is recommended for to get the most from it, but I reckon you would get at least 8-10 treatments from the jar. 

What’s impressive about the whole range (there are 5 key products) are the ingredients: I’m not much of an ingredient geek to be honest, but things like Inca Inchi Oil, Sea Amber and Summer Snowflake Bulb Extracts are completely new to me, which makes me feel that proper efforts have been made by ESPA to be at the cutting edge of new ingredients. 

If you want to dip into the range without commiting fully, I’d be tempted by the Lift & Firm Eye Moisturiser with eight key ingredients (including the Summer Snowflake Bulb that is actually a Nobel Prize winning ingredient) that is priced at £40.

Lastly, you need to know that this is a sponsored post. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether sponsoring alters the way I review or not. 🙂

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