[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] I’ve really been looking forward to trying these products from Erborian – I can’t remember coming across red pepper in skin care before and, particularly in the case of the mask, it is satisfyingly red in colour although I do spot iron oxide on the ingredient list so it’s had a tone boost of its own.

Erborian Red Pepper Skin Care

The theory is that it energises the skin, leaving it brighter and revived, and with the addition of vitamin C and E, antioxidants, liquorice root and enzymes. gives a smoother, glowier finish. You apply the paste textured mask for ten minutes or so and then rinse off with a cloth. Do NOT do this in your lovely white dressing gown!

Erborian Red Pepper Skin Care

There are some nice ingredients in this to ensure that it doesn’t dry your skin – squalane and niacinamide notably near the top of the list. It’s more of a gentle brightener than anything – something to use when you need a pep up that’s not at SOS level.

Erborian Red Pepper Skin Care

I think the real star of this pair is the Red Pepper Pulp Gel Cream. I love this type of cooling sorbet texture that feels instantly lovely on the skin. It’s not by any means a natural ingredient product but it’s extremely skin softening, especially used after the mask (or any exfoliating mask).

Erborian fuses French and Korean skin care ideals – the paste texture of the mask is a good example of the cross-over as that is popular Korean format. The gel cream booster is contains silicones so you might find that it interacts with other products you’re using but trying it on my bare skin straight after the mask has given me the softest complexion, – flexible, comfortable and plump and that feels like a win on this rainy day. Over time, because I have not long-term tested, the niacinamide is high enough up the INCI that it should make inroads into pigmentation if that’s a concern.

SpaceNK has both – the gel is £45 HERE, the mask is £37 HERE although you can find both at smaller sizes (and therefore cheaper) directly on the Erborian site HERE.  Non-affiliate link HERE.


 pepper is an original Korean super-ingredient that is known for its energising properties. Extracted from the pulp of the fruit, it is gentle on the skin while promoting a natural radiance.

For the best results, use the Erborian Red Pepper Pulp as a daily moisturiser. With continual use, skin appears more radiant day after day while enjoying improved elasticity and a softer feel as the cream delivers a youthful, glowing appearance.

Key Benefits:

  • A radiance-boosting daily moisturiser
  • Skin appears recharged, plumped and refreshed
  • Red pepper helps to boost the skin’s natural glow
  • Works to promote a youthful-looking complexion
  • Gel-cream texture melts quickly into the skin
  • Suits all skin types




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