I’ve been writing about beauty one way and another for a long time now, and I’ve never, ever come across an eye exfoliant. So, that must mean that you don’t really need one. Maybe it is that eyelids never ever need exfoliating, but I have to say when I tried this out, I did see a difference!

I know the Eminence brand but I’ve somehow never really dug deep with it – it’s Hungarian born, located in Canada and sold worldwide with good organic credentials. You’ll mostly find it in spas which may be why it’s not so familiar, but globally, it’s a pretty big brand.

Naseberry is a key ingredient (it’s a tropical fruit) in Eminence Eye Exfoliant to remove dead cells, raspberry is antioxidant and amongst other ingredients, it also contains Vitamins C, A, E and K. Oh, and some honey for moisturising. So, you use it over and under – I can certainly say that when I do a facial exfoliant it goes nowhere near my eyelids, so that area I don’t think has ever been exfoliated.

There was a very mild amount of tingling – there is no physical exfoliant in this – but when I removed it after a couple of minutes, my lids definitely looked better and brighter although I didn’t notice much difference in the lower eye area. Who knew? I’m not a skin expert so I don’t think I can out and out recommend Eminence Eye Exfoliant any more than I can out and out say don’t do this. Is it need? I don’t think so, but if you like the minutae of caring for your skin, then curiosity may get the better of you! I like it, I liked the effect and I’ll definitely use it again – I’m pleased to have it.

The Eye Exfoliant is £43 HERE. I’ve got a few other Eminence products to try, including a double face mask which I’ll get onto as soon as I can.


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